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To foster a community of faith, friendship, and support in our vocation as mothers with young children in the imitation of our Blessed Mother.

Welcome Back Moms!

Our first meeting of the year is on August 24th from 9:15-11:15.

We can't wait to see you there!

Soft Dots

Holy and Gracious Father, 

Through the gift of motherhood, you have blessed me with children. Placing them intentionally and  perfectly within my caring arms and heart. Lord, please be near to me as I live out this blessed vocation and fulfill its duties according to Thy will. Give me the eyes to see you in my children, your heart to love them and your gentleness to help them grow. 


Mother Mary, I find comfort knowing that you have walked the path of motherhood already. May the goodness of your gentle heart always fill me with the grace and mercy of your son, Jesus. 


Dear Lord, please watch over mothers everywhere. Keep them and protect them. Amen 

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