Q: Do I have to be Catholic to join?

A: NO.  Our group is open to any mom who is looking for support and encouragement!


Q: Do I have to belong/attend SOC to join?

A: NO.  Our group is open to any mom!


Q: It is the middle of the year, is it too late for me to come to a meeting?

A: NO.  It is never to late to join our group!  Moms are welcome to come anytime during the year.


Q: I work during the day, do you have any activities at night or on the weekend?

A: We do have Mom's Night Out during the year and some family functions (check out our schedule). 


Q: Does it matter how old my children are to be a part of the group?

A: NO.  Moms with children of any age are welcome!


Q: I have a baby that I am not ready to leave with childcare, is it okay for he/she to stay in the meeting with me?

A: YES!  We welcome moms to keep their young children with them until they are comfortable with the transition.  Most moms find that around one or when they are no longer nursing frequently is a good time to make the move.


Q: Do I have to come to the meetings to participate in the play dates or other activities?

A: NO.  Please come to as many or few meetings, activities, or play dates that you want to/can.  We know that moms' schedules are busy, but we all need support!


Q: What do the dues cover?

A: Dues cover the cost of childcare, speakers, and craft supplies.  Play dates and Special events are not covered in the dues.